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The Bazaar Roleplay

Moments after slaying the dragon; a servant, not older than 15 approaches you quickly. Winded he explains that the high magistrate Alexis has summoned you to the town hall for an urgent affair. He cannot say more but will take you there now. As you walk through the Bazaar you notice an abundance of human military bearing the mark and banners of Fenwick II. As you walk into the room the magistrate greets you with:

“A hail for the deck bearers and the saviors of the Bazaar!” the others of the room follow and pay similar respects with nods and bows. Looking around the room you immediately recognize your friend, Arathor, the goliath chieftain. He is wearing full battle regalia, his thundering hammer slung on his back. You also notice a human with stubble and long golden locks, and a greatsword on his back. An elf is also present with a slender diamond inlaid breastplate, white hair, two blades on his hips and an ornate tiara. Aracelis quickly notices at least 3 daggers concealed about the elf. Each has a small entourage with them but the leaders are clearly identifiable. The magistrate introduces Lord Timothy, Commander of the Eastern armies, kingdom of Fenwick II and Delante (elvish commander rank) Telshor a commander and specialist within the Elven Empire.

“Gentlemen (and lady), now that we have completed the pleasantries I believe we should begin discussing the urgent matters at hand. I have a conference room that will be well suited, I would prefer if we just have the leaders present and the card bearers.”
With hesitant nods of agreement the leaders follow Alexis back to the conference room and take their seats. After a few moments the room erupts with accusations, anger, and claims. Attempting to slow things down, Alexis hands the leader of the humans a large book. The magistrate explains “This is the magical book of diplomacy, whoever holds it has the floor and the right to speak and be heard. All others should be silent, when questions arise a quiet hand shall suggest that you require the book and the floor.” While offended (especially Telshor, who rolls his eyes) the room quiets and the book passes to Lord Timothy.

“We have a claim here in the Bazaar. We came to lend our aid and to protect the innocent citizens. We would see the Bazaar fall under the rule of the mighty and great Fenwick II with the hope that the human empire here and abroad may prosper. This is a dangerous place and we are willing to dip into our military reserves and our gold vaults to ensure that the Bazaar has the highest tier of safety and protection. All we ask is that you submit to Fenwick’s rule.”

“And his taxes” Aracelis thought. “It was hard enough growing up when an honest day’s work meant 60% of the wages went to the king’s vaults.” This is partly why Aracelis turned to other ways to make “an honest day’s wage” in un-taxable, unreported income.

The book passed to Telshor and he began “Long have the elves been denizens of peace in the region, we have helped to hold off magical beasts and terrors that are thankfully only in your worst nightmares rather than at your doorsteps. We have had a united front and simply want peace in the region. We do not ask that you submit to our rule just that we be allowed to claim lands, resources, and trade to allow our empire some growth. We will inhabit these lands and be stewards of peace and prosperity. We are even willing to overlook the transgressions of the goliath.”

“What transgressions are those??!?!” Arathor roared.

“Why your conquering of the fort, the mines, and other non-peaceful transgressions, of course. Not to mention your dealings with the gnomes of the Blackwood Forrest! They are quite the troublesome lot indeed!” Telshor replied, visibly agitated.

“You lie! We know nothing of the gnomes and those other “transgressions” were in response to threats and were necessary. We are not the monstrous warmongers you make us out to be!”

“You can think what you’d like beast but you and your kind don’t exactly have a record of peace or diplomacy. You hide in your mountains and pillage as you see fit, you change leaders like you change underwear. One bad decision or illness and the next line of successors will line up and quarrel over the leadership claim. Face it, you are like a rabid coyote pack with no true organization. Your ability to organize is only matched by your ability to stay clean!” Telshor smirked as his voice escalated with the delivery of the insult.
“Enough!” Alexis shouted. “We are here to find a peaceful resolution to the three armies occupying my city, not elevate this feud further!” (note: In fact only the human army has occupied the city, the other two armies are on the outskirts) With that she passes the book to Arathor and says, “State your claim”

“The goliath have had one interest and claim alone, to take the borderlands as our own. We have been organizing and uniting the tribes. We want the chance to be a free nation and to enjoy the successes and failures that come with those nations.” He glared at Telshor as he snickered when he said failures but went on. “It is with this idea in mind that we want to establish the Bazaar as our capital city. The proximity to the mines will allow us to expand the borders of the town, the mines, our prosperity, and our trade. We will still be open to fair trade with the other factions as long as they do not cross us.”
The room erupted briefly before the magistrate calmed them and asked, “Silence! The room will hear the questions and opinions of those who bear the deck!”
With that she looks at you and passes the book your way.

ACTIVE ROLEPLAY Q&A time. Once you reach a decision there will be actions and consequences.

Greyyone steps out of the shadows and looks at High Reagent Alexis. “Seems that all of you are arguing at who gets this town but I don’t see anyone consulting you High Reagent. What says the town?” Greyyone also steps over to Aracelis and whispers in his ear “Didn’t the elves work with the Orcs when you took that fortress?”

Brent Boehnke Miggins eyebrows rose at the clear insult of his breartherin and glares at the elf wondering to himself what he would look like if someone nipped his ear points and knocked the tierra off his head. “I agree with greyone what are the feelings of the people. As much as these offers are all decent (hands in air making the air quote) offers. Shouldn’t the people get to have a say?”

Joshua Daniel @Shane: Aracelis would respond with an affirmative, there were some commando style elves at the fortress so there may be some deception coming from Telshor. Or perhaps he felt he had a claim there? It was near the Blackwood Forrest afterall. The hig…See More

Joshua Daniel @Brent she looks to Miggins, “The people will survive as I am sure we can reach a diplomatic outcome with any of these offers. However, life as we know it will change. We have diversity in this city so some will adapt better than others. The ones who are unable to adapt, I fear will be forced to leave”

“Well” Greyyone muses. “All interested parties have had some interesting say. One question we might ask is how each faction is going to rule? King Fenwick says he will supply military and gold but how will that military and gold be used? The elves say they will keep a hands off approach but want to expand? The giants wants to use this as a capital city. How will each faction handle the people already in town? Will they have a say in how the town is run? How will you Lord Timothy govern? As far as the elves you have been in league with Orcs which captured a giant against his wishes and used him for your own ends, hence a rescue mission was dispatched to deal with that. The mines were peacefully given over to the giants by the town which has been mutually beneficial to all of us. As far as the gnomes my cousins most likely are looking out for themselves and protecting themselves from the troublesome inhabitants of the woods. So far our dealings with the goliath have been nothing but honorable but I would like to hear more of each factions plans for The Bazaar. I would like to think of this town as my home now and I will make sure that the town is well represented even if that means letting no faction rule here.” With that Greyyone hands the book to Lord Timothy “Now Lord tell us of your plans and shall we say you be honest, we will know if you are not. When you are done you may hand the book to the Telshor and he may tell us more of the elven plans and so on.”

Lord Timothy Begins “We offer protection to the Bazaar and are willing to allow the magistrate to continue running your town. She will have the standard laws of Fenwick to submit to as well as the taxing and drafting requirements. Most of the drafted citizens will serve here rather than abroad and we can make some concessions to accommodate your, UNIQUE, situation. Just know that we will work around the clock to turn the bazaar into a stronghold that even Orcus himself would fear to lay siege against. And you, master Greyy, would also receive many of the benefits as well. I have been authorized by the treasury to advance your party 200,000 gold to bring your equipment up to date or meet any of your needs. Note that is just an advance, we would of course continue funding you to ensure prosperity within the borderlands and the empire of Fenwick!”

Telshor takes the book and begins. “While the humans would take the Bazaar they and the Goliath seek to take the entire borderlands! I am not familiar with the incident with the orcs, specifically, but I do know that we have dispatched aid to the wood elves residing in the Blackwood Forrest. (your insight roll beat his bluff, you detect that he may be withholding truth about this incident). I also know that they have been victims of multiple attacks and harassments from the gnomes of the area. I question whether you were involved with those attacks gnome!” He steps back from the accusation and reclaims a more polite demeanor. “Knowing who you are and of your feats I am guessing that had you been involved the wood elves would have been forced to flee. Nevertheless, we seek a peaceful alliance with the Bazaar, many things will stay intact here but we would need to expand out lands in the borderlands without opposition. There are key resources and treasures here that we seek. We are willing to allow you access to our prestigious marketplace which includes many hard to find and wondrous magical items.” (you sense no deception in the rest of his speech).

Arathor takes the book and addresses you. “Friends, allies, we have been through much. In all that time have I not been to my word? Have we not had cordial affairs? Maybe not by human standards but I believe my honor abounds. I will not paint a nice and pleasant picture for you. The goliath will move into the Bazaar and begin changing it into a capital that can unite the other clans and giants everywhere. We will seek to expand and create settlements within the borderlands. We will allow the denizens, merchants, and traders safe passage but will treat criminals harshly (you know their laws and harshly is an understatement). We will treat the lawful citizens fairly and respectfully but as you know our culture is not something everyone embraces. We will allow the magistrate to hold a governmental position and have influence in the decisions of the town, however, I as chief will have the final say (they operate under a council+chief style government). You, dear friends, will also have a say on the council just as you have a say here today. I feel I should not have to bribe you as these others have but I am willing to set aside some of my finest warriors to train you and strengthen your bodies for the upcoming trials that you may face. I will do this of course for a fair wage for their time as I believe it is fair and also not a bribe. And of course, the Greathammer guild will continue to be at your disposal. We seek to establish a united kingdom and cease the nomadic tribal setup of the giant kind. As previously mentioned we will start by expanding the Bazaar’s borders and expanding the mines to make them even more lucrative. (side note: your stake in the mines was paid shortly after your return. You gain 5,000 gold each for the time in the under dark. With expanded mines this amount may triple or quadruple bi-annually). Once established we will continue to stake claims throughout the borderlands and will do so as peacefully as possible. Those opposed will be treated as criminals.”

Session 12/28/2014

Upon entering the Bazaar the party found it under attack by a horde of drow and a dragon. Many pockets of town guards desperately tried to fend off the drow but were losing ground. You noticed a advance party of the kings army approaching from the west and a large group of giants approaching from the south. Looking around the party saw an orphanage in flames with screams of children echoing out. The party also noticed the Drow matron with the mask slip around an alley way and many dead citizens in her wake. Aracelis with a morale dilemma on his hands decided to usher to party to help out the orphanage. Olaf, Aracelis and Leshanna burst into the door of the orphanage.

The top floor of the orphanage was in flames and smoke billowed down the stairs. Several screams were heard from the first floor somewhere further in. Olaf rushed to the back of the house while Leshanna grabbing Aracelis teleported to the top of the stairs. Olaf rushing into the kitchen saw three small children hiding behind a counter. Slinging one over each shoulder and one in his arms Olaf turned to leave but was overcome in fits of coughing as smoke entered his lungs. Meanwhile up top Leshanna was also succumbing to smoke inhalation. In a gasping breath she told Aracelis to leave her behind and get the kids. Without a look back Aracelis tumbled down the hallway searching for the kids and miraculously dodging ceiling beams as they came down in flames.

Overcoming the smoke Olaf put his boot under the dropped child and hefted him into his arms while charging out of the burning building. Aracelis burst into a room to see five kids screaming and up against a wall that wasn’t burning. Looking around the room Aracelis noticed a burning bed was blocking the window. Meanwhile Leshanna was trying desperately to clear the smoke from her eyes and lungs. With a heroic effort she stood up and made a mad dash down the hallway. Halfway down a beam fell down setting her hair on fire and clipping her shoulders.

Down below two drow soldiers approached stealthily flinging their daggers. the dagger hurtled towards Olaf who stood there laughing. The two daggers plinked into his armor falling harmlessly to the ground. Olaf growled at the two drow “You just have one chance to leave here alive”. Hearing that the two drow ran off. Olaf turned back to the task at hand.

Ignoring the pain Leshanna burst into the room with the kids and Aracelis. She saw Aracelis throw the burning bed away from the window ignoring the lapping flames. With a kick from his feet Aracelis knocked out the glass from the window. Below Miggins and Olaf looked on. Olaf yells “Toss me the kids Aracelis”. Aracelis barely heard over the roar of the fire and yelled back “Here they come” but Olaf didn’t hear. Aracelis grabbed one of the unconscious kids out the window. Miggins seeing a kid come flying out of the window yells at Olaf to grab the kid. Olaf in a very unconvential acrobatic move for a dwarf in armor catches the kid. Leshanna seeing Aracelis’s quick thinking tosses another kid out of the window. This time Olaf wasn’t ready but does move so the kid lands on him. Both Olaf and the kid land in a jumble with the kid breaking his arm.

Aracelis becomes overcome with smoke again while Leshanna grabs another child and leaps out the window teleporting safely down. Olaf, Miggins and Leshanna look up anxiously awaiting Aracelis and the other two kids. Aracelis barely able to see through all the smoke and coughing manages to grab the final two kids. Just before he is ready to leap out the window one of the kids cries “My Dolly, My Dolly”. She point to a ragged elven doll in the corner about to be licked by flames. Aracelis moves closer to the window but the kid cries all the louder." Teaching the kids some new curse words Aracelis spews off some foul words running to the corner to grab the doll. Grabbing the doll and making one kid super happy he bounds out the window while his boots spring wings gently landing them on the ground. The kid with the doll yells, “again, again” as the orphanage nanny come over to collect the kids.

Olaf knelt over one of the kids administering first aid while the kid with the doll clings to Aracelis. Aracelis also takes out one of his precious healing potions giving to the other unconscious kids. Leshanna stood guard while what is left of her hair burnt away leaving burn scars on her head. The nasty smell of burnt hair fills the air.

The drow matron turned into the roadway with ten drow guard. Spotting the party she gave the command to attack. Seeing this Zuggernaught sent the nanny and orphans to the west to meet survivors on the beach. The party then turned to face the matron. The dragon took this opportunity to fly overhead setting alit more building and burning more citizens.

Several of the drow guards climbed up top of the nearest building not on fire while others hid behind walls. Matron Uhrlvain stood with several guards staring down at the party. She glanced at her guards and yelled “Attack the infidels”. Two of the guards moved in closer and threw their daggers at the party. One dagger hit Zugg in the chest but Zugg just ignored it. Zuggernaught seeing his opening charged at the Matron swinging his axe. Before his axe could reach the Matron she waved her fingers which caused Zugg to cry out in fear and backpedal twenty feet away. With a brave move Phil the pseudo dragon flew at one of the drow biting through the neck artery. The drow screamed in pain and fell in a heap on the ground. Phil spit out Drow blood glaring at Aracelis. “Next time get me a nice deer to munch on instead of Drow, YUCK!”.

The Matron seeing that Zugg wasn’t a threat waved her fingers casting a glowing spider web over Olaf, Leshanna, Miggins and Aracelis. The web zapped the party and held them in place except for the always nimble Aracelis.

Miggins not seeing an opening yet for his talents plus the web holding him in place cowered behind Olaf. Aracelis yelling at Zugg “This is how you do an attack” rushed at the Matron certain she didn’t have any more talents up her sleeve. But alas Aracelis tried to swing at the matron but only to have her Mask glow scaring the crap out of him. Aracelis afraid for his life fled toward Phil, hoping that PHil would protect him. Olaf moved cautiosly up to the Matron swiping at a guard ending his life with a swing of his axe. Yelling “You are mine” to the Matron Olaf held up his shield ready to defend himself. Leshanna feeling safe behind Miggins fired her bow at several of the drow guards felling them where they stood.

More daggers from the guards flew at the party but the drow could not find their aim and the party was unhurt. The matron seeing Olaf directly in front of her moved to one side taking a blow from Olafs axe in the process. A drow guard stepped up to block any attacks to his mistress. Aracelis away from the matron managed to take out another drow guard along with the help of Phil. Miggins stood in the background wondering whose aid to go to. The Matron fired a beam from her orb missing Olaf. Zuggernaught gathered his wits charged the Matron swinging his axe delivering a vicious hit to her torso. Olaf seeing Zuggs massive hit swung his axe as well delivering a death blow. Matron Uhrlvain looked increduosly at the party and cried out “Filty vermin, you killed me!”

At this point the dragon with Daegulus riding it took the opportunity to fly overhead breathing flames where the party stood. The party managed to leap out of the way but the rest of the drow guards were not so lucky. Scream filled the street as they burned alive.

Aracelis holding the deck of many things poured his thoughts into the deck hoping that it would use the giants to throw boulders to knock the dragon out of the air. A minute later a loud crash could be heard along with a scream of pain as if from a dragon to the north of the party.

Session 12/14/2014
Final Encounter
Session 11/2/2014

Game cancelled. Not enough players.

Off session Roleplay Oct. 2014

The party travelled to the large temple where a drow priestess greeted the party and told them they were wanted inside. The priestess would only talk to Zugg. They were escorted inside to see Matron Uhrlvain, the leader of the drow settlement. A mask caught the attention of Krex. The matron seems to think Zugg is a drow for some reason. The matron wants the party to kill a drow vampire and then she will help them enter Deadhold.

Session 10/5/2014

The party is chatting with the drow slave they found in a hidden trapdoor. She was hiding from the army of ghouls and undead. She warned the party of a drow Vampire leading the army.

Great session. Party ruled the mobs. Will post a more detailed synopsis here later. For Joshua Daniel and Jack Stevens your characters stayed behind in the burnt out house while the rest of the group went to explore. They headed north to an embassy (merchants) where five wights were ransacking a house. The party engaged the wights and during the second round a cave spider dropped down from the roof and bite Leshanna. The wight commander was quickly dispatched and Leshanna took control of the other wights. The cave spider ran away only to come crashing through a window trying to make a tasty morsel of Leshanna. After the wights were dispatched nothing of note was found in the embassy. More exploring revealed a large building on a hill. Wanting to explore that later the party headed further north to a marketplace where a strange dragon-drow looking thing that gave the party nightmares was set upon. Two umber hulks and several dragonborn raiders snuck out of the shops and ambushed the party trying to aid their nightmare companion. A magical ball of energy was above the marketplace zapping things at random moving creatures to a extra dimensional space. The nightmare was quickly dispatched as well after making itself a copy of miggins. The dragonborn were to fall next and the umber hulks fled.

Session 9/21/2014

play continues with the party just defeating the ghoul menace in a drow house.

Off Session Roleplay
Drow City 1

The party is amid the ruins of Phaerovul. Parties of Drow soldiers scurry about fending off attacks from undead. Your group has also had to fend off several patrols of undeads but managed to dispatch them fairly quickly. Standing before a burnt out building the party hears noises from within. Zugg had a quick fainting spell but recovered quickly.

(Zuggernaught speaks) I have had a dark vision my friends… There is a portal within Phaerovoul that will take us to a dark place called Deadhold. There is an evil there that we must destroy named Zirithian. I seem to be imbued with a lot of knowledge of the drow and may be able to infiltrate this place alone. If I go alone I won’t be detected until I face Zirithian but my ability to slay him is in question. I plan to wait until we get to the portal to decide.

This fine house sits upon a flat-topped bluff. Built of dark stone and decorated with bas-reliefs of spiders, webs, and demons, the place radiates a sinister atmosphere. The front
door is missing and the surrounding frame is shattered. Smoke rises from a number of tall chimneys, and the reek of charred flesh hangs in the air.

The party enters the open door and sees an antechamber. The room is rectangular and covered in blood. A drow ghoul kneels on the floor tearing into what appears to be a corpse. It looks up at you and snarls. It rises up and launches itself at the party….

Aracelis does not notice anything special about the ghoul. As the party readies its attack on the ghoul a loud hissing noise emanates from a door in the north wall. A large 8’ tall creature that looks half human half vulture flies through the door and hovers just out of reach of the parties melee weapons. You also notice that most of the ceiling is gone in here, burnt away. Leshanna screams — VROCK!!!!! as a loud screeching noise from the Vrock has the party stumbling.

The ghoul charges at Zuggernaught, claws extended. The party is caught off guard by the vrock screaming which gives the ghoul enough time to reach Zuggernaught and dig a long scratch across his chest. Recovering from their initial surprise Zugg sweeps his axe at the ghoul but slips in the blood falling on his back. Aracelis tosses a dagger at the Vrock catching it in the throat. The stunning screech from the Vrock stops as it tries to recover. Krex blasts the ghoul with magical fire throwing it backwards. Leshanna strums her bow at the Vrock as well clipping its wings. The Vrock falls to the ground and flaps its wings trying to regain altitude. Miggins seeing that Zugg has a boo boo on his rear end from falling casts a healing word on him.

After the initial assault four more ghouls appear from a hallway to the north along with a very large monstrous thing with gigantic hooks for arms. The smell of rotting flesh assails your noses.

The party feels their strength being sapped as one of the ghouls glares at the party intensely. The hook horror approaches its hooks waving in the air. A collective sigh emanates from the party as they prepare to entertain more monsters. Zuggernaught quickly dispatches the first ghoul with a mighty sweep of his axe while Aracelis and Leshanna pepper the Vrock with arrows and daggers. The hook horror moves in with three of the ghouls. They engage the party bloodying Zugg as he defends 4 against one. This leaves Krex to blast the room with magic leveling the ghouls. The ghoul leader eyes the room again and the party feels a magical wave weakening their resolve. With this attack that ghoul appears to gain stronger.

With the Vrock down Aracelis and Leshanna quickly join Zuggernaught in fighting off the hook horror. Miggins stands trying to concentrate to remove the terrible weakening effects. Krex shoots wave after wave of magical bolts at the ghoul trying to distract it. With a lucky strike the hook horror knocks Aracelis off his feet and stunning him. Leshanna cries “Nooo not Aracelis” and fires an arrow into the heart of the hook horror. With a horrendous scream the hook horror slumps against the far wall never to move again. The party is covered in blood now from the ghouls and what was coving the entire room. It is all the party can do not to vomit. WIth the last of the ghoul leaders allies down the party quickly surrounds it and takes their revenge on it. With the last splash of its brains the ghoul surrenders to death.

Searching the rest of the house you find a kitchen with very large ovens. Corpses of people lie everywhere. Most appear to have been slaves and are of various races. Their bodies were ripped open and most of their internal organs munched on. Due to the blood travel in the house is difficult as the floors are very slippery. In the back of the house you find the slave quarters, here more bodies are strewn about. A locked door is also found near the back of the house. Claw marks mar the door.

Aracelis pulls out his “reading” glasses and examines the lock. It looks pretty beat up but with a harrumph and some fiddling he is able to easily pick the lock. Inside you see a rectangular room. It appears to be a storeroom. All kinds of household supplies fill this room.

Session 9/7/2014

Session cancelled.

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