Current Storyline

Currently the party was sent to the Underdark. Specifically to the drow city of Phaerovoul. The drow city is under siege by Orcus. The party was told by Dana, a succubus, that somewhere in Phaerovoul is the remaining cards for the Deck of Many Things.

The journey took the party several months to reach the city. They found the city to be under siege by undead. The drow do not appear to pay attention to the party.

The party tracked the Exarch of Orcus to Deadhold with the help of Matron Uhrlvain. There they met The Keeper who was trying to oust Orcus from control of Deadhold. With the parties help they managed to slay the Exarch, find Nightbringer a highly intelligent weapon and use that to plunge into a manifestation of Orcus’s eye thereby banishing Orcus from Deadhold.

The party wrapped up by heading back to The Bazaar where they found it was under attack by drow. The party was able to rescue some orphans, defeat the matron, kill a dragon and make Daegulus flee. A human army approached the town along with a goliath army. An elven army is somewhere hiding. The leaders of the armies are bartering with the town and the party to gain control of The Bazaar.

Current Storyline

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